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Individual Fundraising Activities


Run a Marathon

Utilize your running events to raise funding for ACRT. Let people know you’re running for the cause and ask them to sponsor your efforts.

Accomplish Random Feast 

Attempt to pogo stick across your city, climb a local mountain backward, etc. Do something unusual to raise awareness and funding for the cause and ask people to contribute.

Host a Living Room Summit

Bring your friends together to support the cause. Host a house party.

Organize a Garage Sale

Turn your junk or your friends and family junk into funding for the cause.

Donate your Birthday, Wedding, or Graduation

Make “in lieu of gifts” your new favorite phrase. Ask your family to donate to the cause instead of getting you presents or add ACRT to your gift registry.

Host a Non-Even Fundraiser

This creative concept is appreciated by would-be guests and party-planners alike. Instead of hosting an expensive fundraiser, ask your guest list to stay home the night of the “non-event” and donate the ticket price.

No Dress Code Day at Work

Ask your boss or company to allow a day when employees can dress casually if they put $5 in a donation jar.

Arrange an Informal Tournament

Badminton? Ultimate Frisbee? Turn your favorite leisure activity into a tournament or competition.

Take the $1,378 Challenge

Starting at $1 the first week, give/raise $1 more each week. Within a year (52-weeks) you will raise an impressive $1,378!

Take the 15-Letter Challenge

Send at least 15 letters to friends and family members asking them to donate to ACRT on your behalf.

If you have other fundraising ideas you’d like to share with ACRT you can email us at


If you are a business owner/manager and would like to make a cash or in-kind contribution to ACRT, or want to host a fundraising event on our behalf please send us an email at 

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